Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Beginning

I moved out to Cali a year ago in March. Coming out here to play soccer of course and enjoy the beautiful weather and meet new peeps, but not knowing I would meet the love of my life!!! Ha! Yea cheezy, especially for me, but I consider myself the luckiest (actually I believe in blessings) so I feel very blessed that God picked out the most wonderful man Ive ever met!
We had a lot in common and nothing was/ or is ever complicated about him. He took me to all my games last summer and behind my brother or maybe their tied, he became my biggest fan and supporter of my dreams! He was/is always super sweet and has those dimples that make anyone blush and not to mention he would always cook for me, buy me flowers, wash my car, take care of my car, go for rides on his bullet bike to the beach, massages and the list goes on.
So he purposed to me in July and his plans for that fell through because I decided to go to riverside to work a soccer camp for 5 days. So he drove up there and we had planned to go out, but i was chaperoning 11yr old girls and couldn't be gone long so plans changed. Ha, there is more to the story about how he'd been planning on proposing and I had no idea, he had just met my family earlier that week and things had been busy. But I was onry that night but he just laughed about it and still asked me to marry him!!! He was down on one knee fo 5 minutes as I complained about me being onry; and what his original plans were, etc. Ha!!
We got married December 20th, 2008 and we are expecting our son in 3 weeks!!! June 11th is the due date, but as all expectant mothers I'm hopin he comes early! Last week the doc said the ultrasound showed he weighs 7lbs 3oz!! Oh, if he keeps growin he's gonna be a chunk!!! ha! Big, jus like his daddy predicted.
We live out here in Cali and my husband is my bestest friend and we're taking everything in stride! I couldn't feel more blessed! And Jimmy has helped me stay somewhat in shape throughout the pregnancy and as much as i can't wait for our son, I also can't wait to get out on the soccer field again. Jimmy has been the most supportive husband, always makin me feel good and he gives me pedicuures and takes super good care of me and Jordan!!!